Friday, October 29, 2010

I realize it's been too long, I'm a BAD blogger!!

This has been a bittersweet week for me,
my precious baby girl is 6 years old!!!
I cannot believe it!!

October 27th, 2004 I met you for the very 1st time my sweet girl, and now here we are 6 years later and you have become an incredible little person!
  1. You are such a fun girl, ready to rock out whenever the mood hits you!
  2. Sometimes so sweet and gentle, and 5 min later wrestling in the floor with Daddy!
  3. You love your friends with loyalty and devotion, Evan is still your very best friend on the planet, and has been since you were 6 months old!!
  4. You love to be as a family, just us 4, in fact recently you said it was the perfect family!
  5. I love how you can be so independent, yet still need to snuggle sometimes with Mommy!
  6. I love how you ask every day if it's time to watch "Dancing with the Stars"!
  7. I love your enjoyment of soccer, and watching you find something you are good at and truly enjoy!
  8. I love going to our very first parent/teacher conference and hearing how smart you are, and a great helper to your teacher!
  9. I love how sweet you are to Austin and the true love & devotion I see you show him every day! (I even love playing referree to what I'm sure is the beginning of many years of sibling arguments!)
  10. I love watching your pure joy & excitement over receiving a gift or getting a "surprise"!
  11. I love your active imagination and how you can play on your own for hours, all the while sounding like you have a room full of friends!
There are so many things I love about you Madison Lee, I could go on and on forever! I love you forever my beautiful 6 year old!!