Monday, January 21, 2008

New to the Blogging World...

Good Afternoon ALL!!

The Hoffman's have joined the blogging world!! Sounded like fun! Not sure if I am quite "technical" enough but we will see!

Let's see what have we been up too...

Madison went back to dance class today after a holiday vacation for the teacher. She is doing a combination ballet/tap class. The teacher comes to her school and does it every Monday. Madison LOVES to dance, and according to her teacher is doing very well!

Austin is working on his 1st set of teeth, those 2 pesky bottom teeth have yet to show their little selves! He is drooling and chewing on everything. He has discovered his feet, which if you remove his socks he thinks it is the funnest thing EVER! He rolls around on his back with his feet in his hands (trying to get a foot in his mouth). He loves to pretend he can walk, with Daddy's help! And sister can ALWAYS make him laugh!

We went on Saturday for family pictures, and Austin's 1st professional pics (we are slackers...Madison had 2 sets by the time she was his age!) I guess that's what happens with baby #2! But they are the cutest pictures EVER!! I'm going to attempt to put some on here...well I was...but the studio locked them...DAMMIT! Once I get them in 2-3 weeks I will have to scan some! The picture up top, is Mr Austin after his 1st haircut!! Hard to believe at 5.5 months he needed one, but it was EVERYWHERE! He did really good, just had to hold his head still b/c he kept trying to watch Sister while she bopped around all over the salon.