Thursday, April 30, 2009


Let me 1st start by saying this is a Mommy approved Haircut! I fought it at 1st, but decided my sweet son would indeed be quite hot this summer under all his beautiful curls. So the whole family went up to the barber shop. Now, before I get the Grandma beat down, yes this is a mohawk, however without gel it simply looks like a little boy short cut. But with the gel he is quite a COOL DUDE!! Check out my baby boy and his summer mohawk!

Corn On the Cob...

Enough Said.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How Blessed

I just want to say, as I've been following McKMama's blog, and now began on Kayleigh's blog, I am so blessed to have healthy children. These 2 families are going through so much! If you haven't been reading click the links to the right and you too will fall in love. They need all the prayers they can get for these 2 precious children. It brings tears to my eyes every day to read of their struggles, and really makes me thankful for my own 2 healthy children.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter From the Hoffman's

We spent our Easter this year at Granny Bell's house with the cousins! As you can see Madison & Austin had a great time! We hunted eggs, and ate a fabulous lunch! We even got all 4 kids to sit still long enough for a couple great pics (please disregard Austin's bag of Goldfish!)
We hope everyone had a GREAT Easter just like us!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh What a Good Sleep

When it came to bedtime last night it was pure R-E-L-I-E-F! Around 815pm Austin started getting tired so in he went! We put him in the crib and I think he was just as relieved as we were! It took all of 5 min for him to pass out with his little hiney in the air! Almost like, "OH HERE YOU ARE MY BED!!" There was no excitement of being able to get up himself, no joy to run around the room, no trying to sleep with Mommy or Maddie, just him in his little crib! And we even let him keep the Cars sheets on! LOL!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Temporary Insanity

We are going to call this latest attempt at "the big boy bed" officially TEMPORARY INSANITY! Big boy bed will be no more by 5pm today, as Daddy will be putting the crib rails back ON! Last weekend when Austin commando'd out of the crib, there were 2 discussions happening. Mommy - we need to lower that crib to the lowest setting. Daddy - We'll just turn it into the toddler bed. Daddy has now admitted the flaws in this project and will be fixing it TODAY!! While the 1st night was a success, since then...not so much! Night #2 ended with Austin in bed with us, Night #3 ended with Austin in bed with Maddie, and Night #4 a combo of all of the above. So at 10pm last night when Daddy was getting kicked in the back by Austin, he said "OK rails are going back up TOMORROW!!"

I knew it was too soon for him. But Jeremy was so sure it was the right thing to do, I let this decision go with Daddy. Oh well, live & learn! No more freedom for Mr. Austin, the jail is coming back! LOL!!

Wordless Wednesday

Yes I know it's Thursday...oops...forgot to hit POST!! LOL

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I Love About My 4 1/2 Year Old!

What I LOVE about my 4 and a half year old:

  • I love how she is very much a Daddy's Girl! Daddy can do EVERYTHING according to Maddie!
  • I love how amazingly smart she is! This child amazes me on a daily basis with incredible things she knows!
  • I love how remarkable her memory is! Take her one place one time, and she will remember it FOREVER!
  • I love how she adores her baby brother! She is wonderful at helping him with things and looking after him! (When he's not trying to attack her and pull her hair!)
  • I love how social she is! She loves to talk (she came by it honestly) and will talk with anyone that will listen!
  • I love her story-telling skills! She can tell a great story, whether it's from something that happened at school, or her latest weekend adventure!
  • I love to watch her discover her family! She will tell you all about her 10 cousins, and don't forget "All My Uncles"!
  • I love how independant she is! She will play alone in her room for hours, and it will sound like a village is in there with her!

How I love this little girl, active, observant, defiant, explosive, fun, truly special, and all rolled into one!

Austin's Big Boy Bed #2

Here are the pics I promised! As you can see he is very pleased with our current set up! He was so proud and excited to show off his big boy bed to anyone that was willing! However night #2...a little trickier than the 1st! Oh well, we're still working out the bedtime routine w/the new bed so maybe tonight will be better! Of course don't ask me at 130AM when he's kicking me in the back! LOL!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Life As We Know It = OVER!

So yesterday afternoon, my sweet little boy gets sleepy around 4pm (yes too late for a nap, but we went with it), Daddy goes and puts him in the crib for a little rest. About 10 minutes later I hear "MOMMY" followed by pounding on a door. I go by Madison's door, not her she's in the living room. IT'S AUSTIN! Little Mr Mischeif has CLIMBED OUT OF THE CRIB and is now pounding on the door yelling for Mommy or Daddy! SERIOUSLY!!

With that Daddy lowered the bed and transformed it into the toddler bed, so as to stop this child from climbing out and seriously hurting himself on the way down! But now he is FREE! Free to roam whenever he pleases! There is no "jail" to contain him and his mischeiveous ways! Life as we know it...OVER!

All that being said, he did really great last night, his 1st night in the big boy bed! He was quite pleased with the "Cars" bedding that I put on the big boy bed, complete with a big boy pillow with a giant Lightning McQueen on it! Daddy wasn't used to this new process so he simply put him in the bed like we used to with the crib and walked out. Not 5 min later...banging on the door "DADDY!!" I went in and read a couple books and patted him to sleep. Only took about 10-15 min to get him down. Hopefully every night will continue to be this easy!

Pictures to follow...