Monday, April 25, 2011

Bad Bad Blogger

I am a bad, bad blogger!! I realized today that it has been forever since I've even come to this site! I could list out all my excuses, but really, just haven't had the time! Work has been NUTS for the past few months and is finally settling down! So now on to the real reason to blog...the kiddos!!

Both kids are playing soccer this season for the city league! Madison's team, in their 3rd year together, they are phenominal!! They kick some serious @$$!!! It's so great to watch them finally "click" as a team! It also helps to have a absolutely fantastic coach!! He is so patient with them and teaches them skills that they are supposed to strive for each week in the games! Madison has quite fancy footwork! And then there is Austin. So Austin's favorite color = ORANGE. So I am registering him and have to put in the comments section, please put my son on the "orange team". Well we got on the Flying Sharks, green & black! To appease him we bought ALL orange practice gear, orange shorts, orange socks, and orange/black/silver cleats!! He was happy with the "wear orange to practice, and green to games" theory we came up with! But his games are more like the comedy hour than actual soccer! But he is totally loving it!! Our Saturdays are packed with SOCCER SOCCER and more SOCCER!! We are loving it and very proud of them both!!

This was Easter weekend, and boy what a weekend we had!! Friday night we had the Brown family over for dinner, my mom & stepdad, my brother & his preggo wife, my sister & her new boyfriend, and my cousin Billy & his wife Kate from St Louis. We grilled out burgers & dogs and just had a good time visiting and playing! Saturday was spent cooking, brisket in the marinade for the day, nutter butter banana pudding, and the bunny cake!! Saturday evening Jeremy went to the Rangers game with my family and I stayed home to finish cooking and be with the kiddos!

So this week celebrates a milestone for Jeremy & I...our 10 year wedding anniversary is Thursday 4/28!! And my gifts...

Introducing Chuck & Taylor!!! My precious babies!! We adopted them from the Ft Worth Humane Society, they are brother & sister, 4-5 weeks old, and a little over 4lbs each!! We are all totally IN LOVE with them!! They made for a wonderful Easter weekend and joined in all the festivities!!

I promise to try to keep posting!!!