Monday, October 13, 2008

So maybe it's been a while...OOOPS!!

So I realize this has been FOREVER! But you know...happens! For a quick recap...we had a fantastic summer! Jeremy & I hit Playa Del Carmen with friends in July, Austin turned 1 year old on August 1st, Maddie started Soccer in September...and it's just been a BUSY year so far! Plus I turned the big 3-0...really who is counting? In the same weekend...Jeremy went to Cleveland with the boys for the annual Cowboys trip, and I went to NYC with my girlfriends for my b-day! SO FUN! Then just last weekend we had an impromptu-belated birthday for me at Zen in Austin Ranch (A BIG Thank you to Lindsay & Andrea for putting that together!) We had a BLAST!!


We have the Dallas Susan G Komen Race for the Cure on this Saturday Oct 18th!

We are preparing for Madison's 4th birthday...WOW 4 already! We are having a joint b-day bash this year with her very best friend, Evan! And who wouldn't decide it was a good idea to host a full blown costume halloween birthday party for 4 year olds...not me! LOL!! Jeremy will have his b-day the same day as Maddie's party...the things Daddy's do for their little girls!


Jeremy is still relishing in the VICTORY over OU this past weekend...and the fact that Texas is now ranked numero UNO!!

Austin is walking/running EVERYWHERE! Popping up with a new word every day it seems! WOW where did my little baby boy go! (You might see him walking around with a bowl on his head...but whatever makes him HAPPY!!)

Madison is playing soccer every Saturday at noon at SoccerTots off of Hebron. She loves it and is in class with 3 of her friends from school! She is also attending dance classes again, and computer class (ask her about your CPU!!)

OK So I promise to try this time to keep this updated! (I did say TRY right??!!)