Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Austin is in LOVE just in time for Valentine's!!

What do you do when your little boy LOVES his 1st little "girlfriend"? Austin LOVES his friend Avery (A-VY, when Austin says it)! And I have to say she is the cutest little thing! Here they are eating pizza & fruit at the Superbowl/B-day party we went to last weekend! Austin walks around the house calling for AAAA-VVVVYYYY, as if she is going to come running to see him! When he is waking up on a school day and doesn't really want to get out of bed "Do you want to go see Avery?" works like a charm! And yesterday at school in the late afternoon when Miss Avery was not feeling well (small fever), she was laying down resting and he laid down beside her and petted her hair trying to make her all better! (he didn't pull it which is the LOVE he shows me & Maddie all the time!!)


AnneYarbs79 said...

OMG- laying down with her! That's so cute!!!