Monday, April 6, 2009

Life As We Know It = OVER!

So yesterday afternoon, my sweet little boy gets sleepy around 4pm (yes too late for a nap, but we went with it), Daddy goes and puts him in the crib for a little rest. About 10 minutes later I hear "MOMMY" followed by pounding on a door. I go by Madison's door, not her she's in the living room. IT'S AUSTIN! Little Mr Mischeif has CLIMBED OUT OF THE CRIB and is now pounding on the door yelling for Mommy or Daddy! SERIOUSLY!!

With that Daddy lowered the bed and transformed it into the toddler bed, so as to stop this child from climbing out and seriously hurting himself on the way down! But now he is FREE! Free to roam whenever he pleases! There is no "jail" to contain him and his mischeiveous ways! Life as we know it...OVER!

All that being said, he did really great last night, his 1st night in the big boy bed! He was quite pleased with the "Cars" bedding that I put on the big boy bed, complete with a big boy pillow with a giant Lightning McQueen on it! Daddy wasn't used to this new process so he simply put him in the bed like we used to with the crib and walked out. Not 5 min later...banging on the door "DADDY!!" I went in and read a couple books and patted him to sleep. Only took about 10-15 min to get him down. Hopefully every night will continue to be this easy!

Pictures to follow...


3greenbeans said...

Umm, that was easy or sounds like it from what I hear. Great job Austin!

We haven't had to make the transition yet and I'm so not looking forward to it.

Can't wait for pics!

AnneYarbs79 said...

When Luke's crib broke in the move to AZ I was beside myself with the stress of no more "baby jail"! One little trick for keeping him in his room: a twirly door knob cover on the INSIDE of his door.