Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Busy Summer

Hello kids it's me, yes it's been a WHILE! OOPS!! Our June has been a busy one and I'll update with pics soon I promise! We revamped the backyard, and WOW! My wonderful hubby really pulled it off! I got a new grill for Mother's Day, now all of you that are thinking "Mother's Day = Grill = OH HELL NO" not for ME!! I love to grill so this was a fantastic surprise! With that new grill, Jeremy & Pa-Pa (my stepdad Bob) built the kids a 8X8 foot sandbox! Then Daddy went out and got a gazeebo to put over said sandbox to shade my little babies while playing in their pit o'sand! With that gazeebo I got a table/chair/umbrella set!! WHOO HOO! Then came grass on what is left of our little backyard and wa-la a new transformation! We absolutely LOVE it!! It opens up a new avenue for us to hangout and the kiddos to play and we've done lots of it since it was complete. If you've got a free night let us know we're always up for visitors!! We even have a new hose set up to hose off the pit o'sand when the kiddos are all sanded up!!

And if you are looking for recipes/ideas for your own cookout...let me know!!

We just got back from a trip to Austin to see my dad & family, it's always nice to go to the lake for a couple days! Madison enjoyed the boat and the chilly waters of Lake Austin! And Mommy even had to jump in to get her when she let go of the boat (to grab a wandering styrofoam cup passing by) and the current started taking her away! She of course thought all of this was hysterical! Silly girl! Austin spent his time going "up stairs", which could be said for going upstairs, or going back down, and making sure all the dogs were doing what they were supposed to be doing! Madison always enjoys her time with her "Big Daddy" and runs him ragged! All in all a nice little weekend getaway.

As we prepare for Father's Day I'll get my new pics together and update you all soon!