Friday, March 12, 2010

Madison HEARTS Taylor Swift

We have been on the eternal search for Taylor Swift tickets! I was online the minute they went on sale, and still there an hour later even though the show sold out in 2 minutes, 2 MINUTES! WTF!!! So in the last few weeks I have called every radio station in this city trying desperately to WIN these dam tickets! All the while, Maddie in the back seat cheering me on! Then about a week ago we had a full on melt down! "You didn't get me Taylor Swift tickets, I am going to miss the show!!!" She was devastated!! As a mother it broke my heart! Something she wanted but I could not fulfill! So Daddy to the rescue, he comes up with a PLAN! He tells Madison when we got home last night that he was at the gas station yesterday and saw Taylor Swifts tour bus, and he went and talked to her. He told her to call Madison Hoffman! So, with the help of Aunt Ashley, Madison received a personal phone call from "Taylor Swift" last night! This was the longest I have ever seen her talk on the phone! All the while pacing around our kitchen table (exactly like Jeremy does when he is on the phone), eyes wide, and HUGE grin on her face!! She is completely OVER THE MOON! And was off to tell ALL her friends at school today that Taylor Swift called her! (She also told her she could sing ON STAGE w/her next time she was in town, GREAT!!) So I will be becoming a Taylor Swift fan so as to maybe have a better shot at tickets next time she swings through Texas!! My little girl is growing up...too fast!!