Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What I Love About My 19 Month Old

I haven't done one of these in a while. My little Austin is growing and changing so much these days. There are so many things I love about this age!

  • I love when he asks, with the most inquizative little expression on his face, "Wha-doin Ma?"
  • I love that he is now mostly calling me "MA"
  • I love that his vocabulary has EXPLODED and he can tell you anything he wants, from a Banana, to Yogurt! I can't even tell you how many words he has now!
  • I love how he tries to sing along with Madison in the car, everything from Barney to Taylor Swift!
  • I love how he cannot wear socks without putting on shoes! They do go together!
  • I love how when we pull into the garage he tenses up and gets SO EXCITED anticipating Daddy running out to meet us! And the look of shear LOVE that spreads over his entire face when he sees him!
  • I love how he now close-mouthed kisses and even makes the "MUAH" sound when he kisses you!
  • I love how he loves to be outside! Any excuse to be outside will do, even taking out the trash! Little does he know some day he will HATE that chore!
  • I love how he LOVES to DANCE! He will rock out with the best of them, to any music he hears! TV Commercials, TV show theme songs (Thank you Big Bang Theory for the great opening song!), Rap Music on MTVJAMS, very OLD country in the car with Daddy, ANYTHING with a beat he is good to go!
  • I love how he shortens the names of his favorite things! His favorite blanket = "Blank", his favorite jacket = "Jack"

This little guy has stolen my heart! With his sweet little face and his charming disposition! He is such an easy kid and a true joy to be around!


The Saras Family said...

too fun! i can't believe that will be my little guy in a few months!!! your whole fam is just precious!

3greenbeans said...

He is just so cute! Love this list!