Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Austin is 2!!!!

Saturday was Austin's 2nd birthday! The rain held off long enough for a little par-tay at the house! A "splash & sand" bash of sorts! He was SO HAPPY that his girlfriend, Avery, came to his house he could hardly contain himself! Here are some quick shots from the day!

Austin - SPLASHING!!My "sand-pail" cake! YES I MADE IT!! ;-)
Austin "blowing" out the candles

Opening gifts
And the morning after...
My sweet baby is 2, I cannot believe it! He's healthy, happy, and hilarious! He loves his sister, he loves to "fight" daddy, he still lets me rock him in the rocking chair (sometimes), he eats anything you put in front of him, he likes to wear pullups (but not for the purpose of using the potty), he loves to go to school, he likes to swim (FIM as he says) whether its in a pool or the bathtub, he loves all things boy - balls, cars, tooting, he loves to watch "Lightening Queen"! He is such a good natured happy boy! For all of that I am thankful!
Happy Birthday My Sweet Son!


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He looks so big!!! Adorable- looks like such a fun party!!