Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In a Holding Pattern of Sorts

I feel like I am in a holding pattern, in many aspects right now. I thought maybe writing it all out would make me feel better.

I'm tired of being TIRED. This crazy post-cancer, post-thyroid removal process of getting the medicine right to make you feel like a normal person is the most ridiculous, frustrating process I have ever had the "pleasure" of participating in. Doctors do not listen. They do not seem to care that you feel like crap MOST of the time. They do not care that your neck still feels weird, it's not necessarily "pain", but it is NOT a good feeling. It's pressure, it's tightness, it's uncomfortable, it's ANNOYING. And yes I realize that I am only 8 months post surgery, but COME ON. Being someone that has never had any sort of major surgery/illness this is just too much. Am I glad that the cancer is gone, well DUH, but the aftermath is a hard pill to swallow.

House-hunting is not as "fun" as I always imagined it would be. Find a house that you like, CHECK. Have stupid sellers that think their house is worth WAY more than others in similar size/area, CHECK. Now back to the drawing board. All while trying to find a GOOD, quality, wonderful, and CHEAPER day care to put the kids in. House-hunting on a budget, while looking for a good day care, a good school district, and a larger house that we can all 4 be comfortable in = H-A-R-D. My poor step-dad is stuck with us (he's our realtor) and all our picky preferences, but hey it's our FIRST HOUSE! We want this and that and that.

I really need to win the lottery.

I am having a pitty party.


AnneYarbs79 said...

I'm sorry you are feeling crappy- anything I can do???

I feel you on the house-hunt! The looking part is fun, but the actual nuts and bolts are a nightmare. Ugh. Where are you guys looking?? Don't settle- there is no need- "The One" is out there. My mom has always said, "Don't buy a house in a bad mood." I think she speaks from experience. ha!

The Saras Family said...

poor you. i am so sorry. i totally know how you feel though, okay maybe not totally but my mom had the same thing you did and I watched her (and truthfully still do) try to get things 'right'.
i hope it happens soon...both the house and the feeling better.