Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Let the WAITING begin

I met with the new surgeon yesterday. She was GREAT! As much as I truly adore my ENT surgeon that did my 1st major surgery, I wish I had this doctor from the beginning. She was cool as a cucumber, not afraid of my massive scar and even more massive history. She was collected and very well educated, she explained things in a way that I completely understood, she even drew pictures! That being said, it would have been nice if my other doctor had sent her all of my medical records BEFORE I arrived so that we would not be wasting her precious time, or mine for that matter. But I guess when you collectively have a TEAM of doctors they can't be bothered with exchanging paper! Seriously, that's another rant for another time though.

Now we will wait. As I have learned, having multiple doctors, means having multiple answers, and having the diagnosis change. This doctor, without reviewing my complete medical records, says her 1st diagnosis is to hold off on surgery at this point. To that you say, but you have cancer!! This I know. But apparently due to the size of these 3 lymph nodes (less than 1cm each), and the massive amount of scar tissue that I obviously have in my neck, she would prefer to wait. We will monitor their size every 6 months. At some point they will have to come out, but not now. When they go back into someones neck for a "reoccurance" (which I kept correcting her b/c mine is NOT a reoccurance!!) they do a procedure called "plucking" so much for crazy medical terminology, it is exactly what it sounds like. They simply go in and pluck out whatever lymph nodes that are diseased, and any others in that same chain of nodes. Well, that is a little more difficult to do if the lymph nodes are less than 1cm in size, and if you have significant scar tissue, they won't be able to see them. So now we wait. I'm not sure what is worse, walking around knowing that there is cancer inside me, or having another surgery? I think I'd rather have the surgery and get it over with. But that is my opinion and my opinion doesn't count for much in this aspect of my life. I am under the control of doctors, I now have 5, 6 if you count my OB/GYN (who just about cried at the sight of my scar, i absolutely adore him!!) The new surgeon said I fit the bill for Pappillary Thyroid Cancer to a T, young woman, mid 20's-early 30's. It also occurs to me that that bill also fits most of my friends!!! I do not wish this disease on anyone, so that I say CHECK YOUR NECK! You know your body better than anybody!! A great resource is!!

Now my next post probably won't be until after Madison's birthday party this Saturday, a much more FUN topic!!! I can't believe I'm about to have a 5yr old!! (WHO CAN READ!!!!) Yes, I am a proud Mommy!!


AnneYarbs79 said...

You are obviously in good hands- but I can imagine the oogey feeling of waiting for things to grow. Keep us posted. {hugs}