Monday, November 3, 2008

Hoffman Halloween 2008!

Happy Halloween to ALL!!
This year awarded us with many opportunities to wear our Halloween costumes! So 1st we had Maddie's birthday party (Austin was far too busy to put his on!) but Maddie wore her's after much negotiations! Then we had Annual Halloween Parade & Party in the morning on Wed the 29th at the kids day care! (Austin wore a last minute backup costume so as not to dirty up his real one for the evening festivities!) That same night we had the Annual "Fall Festival" at the day care and it was a BLAST!

Mommy & Austin @ the Fall Festival

The "Big Bad Wolf" at the pumpkin roll!

Pa-Pa & Biddy helped us by decorating their trunk for the "Trunk or Treating" and the trunk decorating contest (WHICH WE WON!!) Welcome to Grandma's House!!

Cooper & Madison @ the Fall Festival with their fish they won as prizes and who now live in Pappaw's pond (WINK WINK!)

Madison...bobbing for pumpkins...kind of!

Austin in his backup farmer costume with Madison as Little Red Riding Hood...ready for the school Halloween parade & parties!
Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!!


3greenbeans said...

You are so creative! LOVE the kiddos halloween costumes and the trunk or treating theme! SO CUTE!