Monday, November 3, 2008

Madison is 4 years old!

What can I say...I still cannot believe that my baby girl is 4 years old! Madison turned 4 on October 27th. We had her party on the 25th (Daddy's b-day). We ended up doing a joint party this year with Madison's very best friend Evan, from school! So together with Evan's parents we hosted a Halloween Birthday Costume Party!!

The kids had a BLAST! We had 2 bounce houses, decorated "pumpkins", cracked open a pinata, decorated Trick or Treating Buckets, ate pizza, and had cupcakes! Even the adults had FUN!! So another year and another birthday party success!

10 Things I love about my 4 year old...(Thanks Meghan!)
1. I love how much she loves her baby brother
2. I love how observant she is...what 4 year old knows when you steal your hubbys shirts!
3. I love how excited she gets over "surprises"
4. I love that when I put her to bed at night I know that at the very least I'll see her 10 more times!
5. I love that she loves to be outside! Riding her bike, taking walks, going to the park
6. I love her little chatterbox talk! (OK maybe LOVE is not really the right word...sometimes I want to jump out the closest window because it is truly NONSTOP!)
7. I love how petite she is, but that her size never stops her from anything!
8. I love how every night I can depend on her asking "What day is today on the 1st number?" which means what is tomorrow and what will I do?
9. I love how much she enjoys school and thrives on learning!
10. I love how snuggly she is! She LOVES to snuggle...morning or night!