Sunday, November 30, 2008

Austin Meets the Christmas Tree!!

At last Christmas season is finally here! We were so excited and ready we put the tree up on stages between Austin's naps! But OH by dark it was up and lit and he was a HAPPY BOY!! Now for the next month and some change what you will hear multiple times DAILY in our house is NO TOUCH AUSTIN! He is completely totally FACINATED by the tree! And the "STAR", "BALLS", and "FOOT-BALL" on the tree! Yes we do have a Longhorn section on the tree...I know none of you are shocked! But in that one section is an ornament like a foot-ball with the longhorn symbol on it! Well that one ornament is a source of constant torment for my precious son who, like Daddy, LOVES FOOT-BALL!! 2 of his many words these days are foot-ball & touch-down!! SAD REALLY!
Santa has left one of his helpers at our house! We have a Christmas Puppy Elf (can you believe after 3 stores you cannot just find a plain old ELF!) that is watching over Madison & Austin! He reports back to the North Pole every night once they are sleeping to let Santa know if they are being a good little boy & girl! Then in the morning when we get up the Puppy Elf is in a new location and we have to find him! This morning he was on the mantel! Madison is loving this little edition to our holiday fun! I'll post some pics of them with the puppy elf later! Stole this idea from a friend in another blog! Thought it would be big fun since Madison actualy GETS the idea of Santa this year!
Hope you all have a wonderful week! Happy Monday!