Tuesday, December 2, 2008


At Meghan's request I am following her lead and listing out our "Obsessions"!!

Madison's Obsessions:

  1. Hannah "Tanna"! Madison is obsessed with all things Hannah Montana! She doesn't care for the actual TV show (still not into actual PEOPLE shows), but she loves all the clothes, toys, dolls, all the "stuff"!!
  2. Singing! Madison LOVES to SING! She memorizes songs from the radio & my IPOD! She can rock out with the best of them! Her faves right now are Taylor Swift "Love Story", and Pink "So What"
  3. Easy Mac! Yes I know this has to be the worst thing in the world for a kid, but she LOVES her Easy Mac! Of course she calls it "Warm Macaroni & Cheese", as opposed to all that COLD mac & cheese she eats! LOL! I'm not sure how she came up with that, but when I make real homemade mac & cheese she does not like it! Only the powdered cheese for her! UGH!
  4. Juice Boxes! There is a certain thril to be able to open the fridge & take out a juice for yourself! (Even if you still need a grown up to put in the straw!) Madison loves any kind of juice box, Capri Sun...any of them!
  5. Schedules! Madison is a girl after my own heart! She has to know what is coming next in her little world! She is most definately a "planner"!! Every night before bed she has to ask "What is today on the 1st number?" Which in plain language is "What day is it tomorrow & what will I do?" There are a variety of answers and I won't bore you with all of that back & forth with a 4yr old jazz!

Austin's Obsessions:

  1. FOOTBALL! My son is completely obsessed with all things football! He watches it on TV with Daddy! He likes to throw/carry them everywhere! He loves to point out FOOTBALL everywhere!
  2. SISTER! Austin absolutely adores his sister! As long as he can be with/see Madison he is a happy boy! He wants to be in her room, he wants to play with her no matter what she's doing!
  3. Christmas Tree! Austin is obsessed with our Christmas tree! (see previous posted dedicated to his latest obsession!)
  4. Race Cars! There must be something in the male DNA that teaches them to make race car sounds and "Vroom-Vroom!" everywhere and on every imaginable surface! Austin loves to race his cars, whether it's on the floor or on the wall!
  5. EATING! I finally have my good eater! Austin will eat/try ANYTHING! He loves to EAT! He is obsessed with food! He insists on eating a "snack" of some sort right when he walks in the door at night (typical man!) then will eat again whenever dinner is ready and we are eating! He really likes to "share" and eat with Mommy & Daddy!

MY Obsessions:

  1. KISSES!! I love love love kissing those sweet cheeks!! My kids were blessed with the fabulous cheeks that are just perfect for kissing on!!
  2. My New IPOD! Thank you Santa for giving me my Christmas a little early!!
  3. PICTURES!! As you can tell, I, like Meghan, LOVE to take pictures of my kids!!
  4. Observing the kids in action! I am obsessed with watching them as they grow and change into these wonderful little people! I love to hear every day what Madison did at school and how her day was! And funny part is all while she is telling me, Austin is chattering away like he is telling me too! I love to listen to Austin as he discovers new words every day, and watch as he sees something new to explore/attack!
  5. EBay! My latest obsession comes with selling stuff on EBay! Might not have anything left by the time I'm done!! LOL!!


There. Now that I've been tagged, I'll tag the following to tell us about your obesessions:

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