Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's truly a "Not Me Monday", more in the fact that I just don't feel like ME! This surgery stuff is for the birds and I have truly reached that point where I just want to feel GOOD again! I hate to be a whiner and complainer but SERIOUSLY! I need some R-E-L-I-E-F! I came back into the office today for the 1st time since my surgery, and it's not the funnest thing ever. I don't know that I will make it a full day, but hey I could use a nap before the kiddos get home anyway!

I did not let Austin eat his pancakes in our bed (again) this morning, even though it drives Jeremy NUTS! Who wants to deal w/a whiny 17 month old at 6am over pancakes and sitting at the table...NOT ME!

I did not attempt 2 times to take my morning pills, and then walk out the door and completely forget them, only to have to turn around in the street and go back to the house to fetch them. Then I did not forget to grab the bottle of "Aleve", not that it is aleving ANYTHING, and have to stop at CVS on my way and grab a bottle for my desk!

I did not have Jeremy get the kids all buckled into the car and start their movie (YES a movie is necessary at 7am, on the 5 min ride to school!), and totally forget nap stuff for both kids. Had to run back in the house while Jeremy sat w/the kiddos and back bags of pillows, blankets, etc.

And I am not sitting here contimplating just how long is appropriate to STAY at the office for my 1st day back before SPEEDING home to take a NAP!


AnneYarbs79 said...

I think you should go home RIGHT NOW! Tell your boss you have been advised to leave effective immediately. STAT, or whatever they would say on Greys...

The Saras Family said...

you have way more going on than I do on any given day and I would be bitching WAY more than what you just did. I hope some of this is 'aleved' soon!