Monday, March 15, 2010

The next step...

I don't have many blog readers, and I'm pretty sure I have already told all of you. But sometimes it helps me to type it all out.

I will be having surgery again, April 8th. This one is what they call "micro-surgery" by a highly specialized doctor. They will go in, using PART of my existing scar and take out these pesky nodes. I know have 5 malignant nodes, and a "spot" in my thyroid bed (the place where my thyroid USED to be). I have been told that I can consider this "chronic disease", THANKS A LOT DR. This time though, there may be some positive to come out of this! As some of you know, I have a muscle on the right side of my neck, the one that runs from your clavical to under your jaw. Big bad, major muscle! And mine, almost to the point of a spasm, PERMENATELY since my 1st surgery! REDIC! Well said special dr, thinks she can FIX IT! O.M.G. And if thats not enough to make the surgery worth it, on Friday I have an appointment with a special plastic surgeon to see if he can reduce some of this scar tissue!! So while I do NOT want another surgery, this might end up being a GOOD THING for me! It's one night in the hospital for observation, so not too long away from my babies!!

I pray that the dr's know what they are doing, that they are able to give me some relief, and that maybe I can be that one that is NOT chronic!

Don't forget, CHECK YOUR NECK people!
Love to you all


The Saras Family said...

well since you HAVE to have a surgery, youre right this sounds like it COULD be a GOOD thing!!!