Friday, September 11, 2009

Because McKMama Did It...

So must are some of the things I've said around the house in the last few days...

You cannot BODYSLAM your sister.

Did you hit a friend today? Hitting is not nice. Timeout is not fun. It's not nice to hit your friends.

Punching is only for Daddy NOT school!

Why are you watching TV at 4AM?

If you pack all of your toys what will you play with? If you take them back out of the box thats not really "packing" sweetie.

No someone will not just move into our new house because it's empty. It has our name on it so they can't do that.

Daddy is very strong but he cannot just pick up the house and move it. We will pack our things and then move the boxes.

That was fun! Now who else has some?