Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh Sweet Husband

This post is in honor of my sweet husband! (Who BTW does not read this blog!!)

Jeremy- "Honey, I will help you pack today! I'll go pull the rest of the pictures from the wall and put them on our bed."
Anna - "How about you put them on the kitchen table, it's easier to wrap/pack them from there."
Jeremy - "Ok sure!"
Goes around the house pulling pictures off the wall, pulling out the nails and putting them in a cup, placing everything on the kitchen table. Takes the stuff from the top of the china hutch that I couldn't reach. All the while I am in Madison's room...the black hole of all the world! I manage to wreck shop in there! I pack the remaining things on her shelves. I clean up the "bucket shelf" and reorganize her toys so they will be easier to pack/move at the last minute. I go through her closet and pull out items that are too small to give to the women's shelter. Rockin out to my IPOD and cleaning away!

So someone tell me why said items are STILL sitting on our dining table? The ONLY "table" in the house to which we must be able to EAT!

Anna - "Honey, why did you not wrap and pack that stuff?"

Jeremy - "I'm not good at that part."



AnneYarbs79 said...

ROFL! Gotta love him!

Emalee said...

I am stopping by from sits....your blog name caught my eye. My maiden name is Hoffman, my sister in law has a blog called five hoffman's. Anyways hope moving goes well for you...